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September 25, 2019 2 min read

Hey Everyone,


We often get asked, “Is your umbrella truly unbreakable?" We like to think so and as such, we’ve always tested our umbrella to extreme limits and in as many ways as possible. Through heavy rains, fleeting winds and now even running it over with a car (multiple cars in fact..) Earlier last winter, we conducted a test to see if our umbrella can withstand being ran over repeatedly. With it being winter and all, snow came with the surroundings and the umbrella was able to survive quite easily. 


*** Please do not try this at home… ***


Now, some argued that snow may act as a damper so we understand if there’s some skepticism regarding this test. Therefore during the summer, we decided to show how truly unbreakable our umbrella really is. Now with no snow and pure solid asphalt; we once again, ran over the umbrella repeatedly. Over 6 times in fact! 




Hedgehog Carbon vs 3500 lb car


The Aftermath? 


And once again the umbrella has triumphed! The SUV driving over the umbrella weighs about 3500 lbs or if we’re comparing with other heavy objects for scale: a large hippo, 5 grand pianos or 10 refrigerators stacked on top of each other! Quite a heavy hefty feat!  


Hedgehog Umbrella vs. EVERYBODY


To say nothing was damaged is an understatement (we are running over the umbrella with a 3500 lb car...) The handle core showed some cracking and scratches, the canopy has some holes and rips throughout but the frame was still in pristine condition! Honestly, we were pretty shocked at how the frame was able to withstand all this weight and pressure. 



It only seems fitting that this automotive inspired product was able to withstand automotive inspired testing. Until next time,

Team Hedgehog


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