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We’ve had the awesome opportunity to speak with so many Hedgehog Umbrella customers over the years, and we want to say THANK YOU for leaning on us and trusting us with your personal (rain) protection! 

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the 9 Most Commonly Asked Questions we get. We hope this helps answer any questions you may have been wondering about, but if not, please feel free to send us an email!

Definitely! We absolutely love doing cool stuff with other cool brands who share our point of view on the world. Send us a note at hello@hedgehogproducts.com if you want to make beautiful products together!

You can find our umbrellas at a growing list of stores throughout Canada and US (check out the full list here). Feel free to email us at retail@hedgehogproducts.com if you have a specific area in mind and we'll do our best to point you in the right direction.

We’ve spared no expenses towards building the ultimate umbrella!

- The frames are fully carbon fiber with ballistic grade polycarbonate joints creating the highest strength-to-weight ratio in an umbrella

- The shafts are full stainless steel with several internal patenting pending locking mechanisms 

- The canopies are high-quality pongee UV rated to 30 UPF higher.

Each and every one of our products are designed, developed and tested in Canada. And after searching the world over, we found that the best umbrella makers in the world are in China. Our manufacturing partner has been making umbrellas for more than 30 years with an unparalleled commitment to quality, design, craftsmanship, and innovation.

We’re sincere about the impact we make on the world as people, designers, and makers of things. We value sustainable and environmentally responsible practices and processes where possible, and believe sustainability is largely about creating things that ultimately stand the test of time. Every one of our products are made from quality materials engineered to last.

Of course! We’ve engineered our products to last a lifetime and we stand by this! Our lifetime covers workmanship and manufacturer defects. It does not cover major wear and tear, accidental damage (e.g. you sat on it, got it caught in the car door), or any damage caused by misuse (e.g. as a shield, bat or parachute).

Absolutely. We put our umbrellas through a rigorous 40+ point inspection test including wind tunnels, stress testing, and pretty much anything mother nature can throw at you to ensure only the highest level of quality.

Our umbrellas are designed not to flip inside out… duh! However, under extreme conditions, we've designed our umbrellas to live through all levels of serious weather without breaking. This means they can safely flip inside out in extreme winds. To get it back to normal, get out of the wind for a few seconds, gently bend the canopy back down, and voila!

That said, hurricane-force winds aren’t any fun. Our advice in such a situation is to stay inside, put on some music, brew a cup of tea and wait it out.

We’re always excited to meet new people who will make us better. We love big thinkers and rule breakers. We don’t believe in timesheets or formalities. We don’t care where you went to school or who you know. Be smart. Be ambitious. If this sounds like the right fit, email us at hello@hedgehogproducts.com and tell us a bit about yourself and why you'd like to join us!